Before I get my review going, some quick house keeping—

I’ll be reviewing recent films that have come out within the past year or so, and the popular films coming to theaters. But I’ll also be reviewing movies young and old as I run in to them. I’ll be archiving them under “New Films” and “Any Films” on the main menu, so you can scan these either as I release them, or at your leisure if you want just want to look at what’s new, or get ideas what to rent tonight. Simple enough, right? Okay! Let’s get to it. 

Journey to the West is a great example of the goofy, weird fun that Asian cinema can be, but not too out there that it isn’t easily digestible for new viewers. Colorful, wonderfully paced and visually interesting (the CGI is wonky but forgivable) Journey is abound with tense action, hilarious gags, and solid character moments. The lack of a full orchestra score is disappointing though, and the female lead starts strong and falls flat as the movie progresses, likely the film’s largest flaw.