With respect for all those involved, Hacksaw Ridge is likely my least favorite among the Best Picture nominees, which isn’t saying the film is bad, but it is certainly not near the caliber of, say, La La Land, Fences, or Moonlight. The film is expertly directed by Mel (because although he’s crazy, he knows how to tell a story), and Garfield and Weaving are simply amazing (Hugo Weaving was robbed, I say), but there was just something that this war film lacks to separate it from other war films. The story of a pascifist that still longs to serve his country is powerful, and usually well executed, but there are times when the film veers away from Doss, forgetting that this film isn’t about the war, but instead about those fighting in it, specifically our main characters, and tends to have long winded battle scenes revelling in violence, in contrast of the message of our passionate, peaceful lead.