I present to you all the first guest review for FrameRate, provided by my good friend and fellow blogger Joshua “Jammer” Smith! I let Jammer be a bit loose with the rules, as the guy laughs in the face of any and all writing restrictions; brevity is still key though, even if he’s gonna need those extra sentences with the movie he’s reviewing. Now, I’ll shut up and let Jammer say the rest—

Eraserhead is a silent movie made entirely of sound. Most reviews of the film say things like “It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” and that’s accurate but it doesn’t give the film the justice that it deserves. The film has a loose narrative: a man named Henry who lives in a ruined post-industrial nightmare world conceives a “child” with a local woman and the rest of the film revolves around him trying to care for it. That’s the only real “plot” of the movie, because otherwise the film is a series of impressions and dreamlike (or nightmarish) sequences of strange oddities that should be seen to be appreciated. I won’t lie, Eraserhead is not always pleasant to watch, but as I said at the start, the beauty of this film is that it’s like watching a silent film. Sound is constantly generating a nightmare background making the atmosphere. The movie is worth your time, even if it’s just once because there isn’t any film like Eraserhead.


If you like how Jammer writes and want to see him write many, many more words, roll over to his blog and read his analyses of books, movies, tv shows, current events, and all the like at White Tower Musings. Here, have this link to his article on Eraserheadhttps://jsjammersmith.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/how-do-you-solve-a-problem-like-eraserhead/

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