More than just beautiful to look at, Dunkirk is a war movie unlike any I have seen in quite some time, revelling in sweeping score in stark contrast to the sublty of the script. Human moments aren’t hand fed to us but gleaned by interactions and as much in what is not said, as what is, with each performer giving their best to make the minimal dialog work–even a certain pop star brought their A game. Nolan chooses to focus on humanity, empathy, the flaws in all of us especially in war instead of the violence and death, avoiding many of the pitfalls which Hacksaw Ridge fell to, and all told in a clever nonlinear fashion. Of course, who can talk about a Nolan movie without mentioning the words “IMAX” which is the best way to see the movie, the breaktaking ocean views and dogfights which fill the screen can only be explained by the word sublime, the icing on the cake to what is one of Nolan’s best since Inception and The Dark Knight.